3D_Vision Bin Pick

Extensive experience with Cognex, Keyence, Omron, Banner and other vision systems.


Applications include:

• Bin Picking and part destacking
• Error Proofing: Nut Detection, component verification
• Position verification: In-Die load protection
• Robot Guidance: Actuator assembly, de-stacking, bin pick


Visio Nerf Partnership

IMG is in a partnership with VisoNerf for the purpose of developing vision guided
robot guidance solutions for random bin-picking, sorting and inspection applications
as well as machine load/unload applications.

Our synergy stems from Visio Nerf’s advanced image processing technology developed
mainly for heat related applications (forging, casting, molding) and IMG’s extensive
experience in robotics and automation for hot stamping and press tending

IMG exclusively provides Integration, technical support and service for Visio Nerf
Product in NA