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IMG, LLC (IMG) is a system integrator located in the Metro Detroit area, specializing in manufacturing custom Automation Equipment and Robot Integration since 2016. Our core competencies are Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Controls, and Robot Automation. We leverage our expertise in manufacturing to develop and provide reliable solutions for production processes. Our team consists of professional engineers and project managers with extensive experience in delivering complete turn-key solutions from concept to implementation including consulting, plant startup, training, and production support.

Our Core Focus

In addition, our custom automation solutions help our clients achieve significant cost savings by reducing labor costs, minimizing waste, and optimizing production throughput. We also help our clients improve their quality control by implementing advanced testing and inspection systems that detect defects and ensure that their products meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, our solutions help our clients achieve more productivity by automating repetitive tasks, reducing downtime, and increasing overall efficiency.

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Our Facilities

Warren, Michigan

1953 Concept Dr. Warren, MI 48091 – 60,000 sq. ft.


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