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Specialized robotic systems are becoming increasingly important in advanced manufacturing, particularly in the automotive industry. Our expertise in controls and robotic programming enables our team to design and implement these systems to improve production efficiency, increase accuracy and precision, and reduce costs.

Laser Cell Tending

One example of a specialized robotic system is Laser Cell Tending. Our programmed a robot to handle a laser cutting machine, loading, and unloading parts as needed. The robot had to be precise and accurate in its movements to ensure the quality and consistency of the cut parts.

Bin Picking

Another example is Bin Picking with Vision. This involved using a robotic system equipped with sensors and cameras to identify and pick parts from a bin. The system was programmed to recognize different parts, identify the best way to consistently pick them up, and avoid collisions with other parts in the bin or with the robot itself.

Machine Tending

Machine tending is another application of our advanced and specialized robotic systems. We programmed a robot to load and unload parts from a CNC mill. The robotic solution had to identify the correct parts, position them accurately, and avoid collisions with the machine itself.

Robotic Torque Drivers

If you have a need for robotic torque drivers in your assembly process, Our experts can program robots to apply the correct amount of torque to each bolt or fastener, ensuring that the components are assembled correctly and to the required specifications every time.

Fiberglass Cutting

Fiberglass cutting is another application of our specialized robotic system solutions. In this process, our team equipped a robot with a cutting tool used to cut fiberglass parts to a specified shape and size. The robot was programmed to precisely follow the contours of the part to avoid damaging the material.

Robotic Vision Inspection

We uses robotic vision inspection to ensure the quality of parts produced during automotive assembly. Our solution required a robot equipped with cameras and sensors to inspect parts for defects and other quality assurance issues. The robot was programmed to identify and classify defects accurately and quickly so that corrective action could immediately be taken.


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