Press Automation

Designing a custom and innovative “press automation” solution for a customer involves a complex and iterative process. Press automation leverages the use of various machines, sensors, and controls to automate the pressing process for various materials. Below is an overview of our process.

Consultation and Needs Analysis

The first step is to consult with you to understand your pressing needs, such as the type of materials, the required press force, the production speed, and any specific requirements for the final product. This information provides us the ability to develop a clear understanding of your unique project needs and requirements.

Concept Development

Next, we will collaborate on developing a concept for the press automation solution. This concept may include the type of press, the type of automation system, and the integration of sensors and controls. The concept development phase may also include brainstorming sessions and the creation of preliminary designs.

Detailed Design

Once the concept is finalized, we will move on to our detailed design phase. This phase involves creating detailed engineering drawings, developing a bill of materials, and creating 3D models of the solution. The detailed design phase ensures that all components of the solution are designed to work together seamlessly.


We then creates a full simulation of the press automation solution. The simulation will be tested to ensure that it meets all technical specifications, including functionality. Any necessary adjustments will be made at this time to ensure optimal performance.

Manufacturing and Installation

Once the simulation has been tested and approved, we will move on to manufacturing and installing the final solution. This involves sourcing and assembling all the necessary components, programming the automation system, and installing the system at the customer’s facility.

Training and Support

Lastly, we will provide training and support for your team to ensure that they are able to operate the press automation solution safely and efficiently. We may also provide ongoing support to ensure that our solution continues to operate optimally over time.


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